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Enjoy our compilation of photos from the Faith, Hope, & Love Foundation!


Hayden, our Social Services Specialist, hard at work!


Two of our volunteers posing for pictures!


One last picture with Elder Jensen, Elder Kay, and Elder Clarke before they left us!


Annual banquet

Ribbon cutting for CTHHS

Carlsbad Transitional Housing open

FHL Banquet

FHL annual banquet

Annual School drive

Organizing for our school supplies initiative!

Missionary volunteers

Missionaries volunteering

Tres Amigos Memorial Golf Tournament

Tres Amigos Memorial Golf Tournament

Faith, Hope & Love Foundation

Photo: Connie @ Current Argus

Celebrating our BPA intern, Hannah!

Pictured: (left to right) Marjorie Gregory, 'Secretary Treasurer' - Hannah Azzinaro, 'intern' - Alana Gregory Carreon, 'Executive Director'.

Marjorie Gregory

Secretary Treasurer sorting through donations at FH&L. Photo: Connie @ Current Argus

Golf Tournament

3rd Annual Julio Silvas Memorial Golf Tournament.

Representing Faith, Hope, & Love

Insane Inflatable 5K. March, 2015.

2015 Christmas Donations

2015 Christmas Donations

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Faith, Hope & Love Foundation

Photo: Connie @ Current Argus