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Isaiah 35:1-7

The desert will blossom like a rose and rejoice!

Every dry and barren place will burst forth with

abundant blossoms, dancing and spinning with delight!

Lebanon's lush splendor covers it, the magnificent beauty of Carmel and Sharon.

My people will see the awesome glory of Yahweh, the beautiful grandeur of our God.

Strengthen those who are discouraged.

Energize those who feel defeated.

Say to the anxious and fearful,

"Be strong and never afraid. Look, here comes your God!

He is breaking through to give you victory!

He comes to avenge your enemies with divine retribution he comes to save you!"

Then blind eyes will open and deaf ears will hear.

Then the lame will leap like playful dear and the tongue-tied will sing songs

of triumph.

Gushing water will spring up in the wilderness

And streams will flow through the desert

The boring sand will become a refreshing oasis

then parched ground bubbling springs,

and the dragons lair a meadow with grass, reeds and papyrus.

This passage was preached at the same conference and I wanted to share this passage and pull some of it apart. I have underlined a few things in the passage that have given me some encouragement.

Lately I've felt extra irritable, super exhausted in every area of life and pretty annoyed by all of it. Just before feeling this way everything seemed settled like I was finally on the better side of a bad season of life. After just a couple of months of feeling that way my eyes were opened up to how the Lord was working. Reminding me it's how we handle the circumstances of life. I could easily choose to remain exhausted and annoyed or find rest and joy. Which brings me to something I heard..

"Will my heart grow hard or hardy in the trial.. testing.. desert places."

Liz Turner

We get to choose to take delight in every season of life knowing it has a purpose to produce something greater. Press into the Revelation Truth that He is far greater than any circumstance we face. "Then blind eyes will open and deaf ears will hear." when I read it this time around I looked at it from a spiritual perspective. Eyes to see what the Lord is doing and ears to hear from Him in the trial.

"When the heat is unbearable. HERE. COMES. YOUR. GOD."

- Liz Turner

He comes to save us every single time, it will almost never look the way we want it to. When it is his way how thankful and glad our hearts become. Thankful because His ways are higher and His timing is better. He holds the victory. Rest in His truth today knowing that streams will flow in your desert places. You do not have to dwell there forever.

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