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Peace will follow

Colossians 3:12-17 TPT

You are always and dearly loved by God! So robe yourself with virtues of God, since you have been divinely chosen to be holy.

Be merciful as you endeavor to understand others, and be compassionate, showing kindness toward all.

Be gentle and humble, unoffendable in your patience with others.

Tolerate the weaknesses of those in the family of faith, forgiving one another in the same way you have been graciously forgiven by Jesus Christ. If you find fault with someone, release this same gift of forgiveness to them. For love is supreme and must flow through each of these virtues. Love becomes the mark of true maturity.

Let your heart be always guided by the peace of the Anointed One, who called you to peace as part of his one body. And always be thankful.

Let the word of Christ live in you richly, flooding you with all wisdom. Apply the Scriptures as you teach and instruct one another with the Psalms, and with festive praises,and with prophetic songs given to you spontaneously by the Spirit, so sing to God with all your hearts!

Let every activity of your lives and every word that comes from your lips be drenched with the beauty of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. And bring your constant praise to God the Father because of what Christ has done for you!

How do we practically let the peace of God rule our hearts? When we read through this passage of scripture we are given a list of virtues to live by. When we learn to practice these virtues it is partnered with peace. Being merciful, kind, compassionate, gentle, humble, unoffendable, patient, tolerant, loving, and forgiving extending grace. Peace is produced inside of these as we choose to live by them. Once we are familiar with peace it becomes easier for us to take hold of the peace Christ offers to us in our day after day.

Living the way we want to even in the little things can cause us turmoil. As an example; when we are caught in conflict with someone, showing mercy and compassion as we try to understand where they are coming from sets us in a place of peace. If we choose hurt, and offense only seeking justice we will walk away from that situation without resolve. That is not peace and that is not what we have been offered. Those situations bleed into the next thing adding to our troubles. Come back to scripture as it says "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, flooding you with all wisdom." When you don't know how to handle a situation come back to scripture, come back to Jesus. Let Him flood you with the peace you are so desiring, We get to choose peace that is so freely given to us.

Choose His virtues over your emotions allowing your heart to continuously be guided by the peace of Jesus.

My prayer for you

Father, you see us in the midst of our turmoil and hurting. Our hearts crying out for a moment of peace, for everything to settle so we can catch our breath. Lord would you breathe a fresh breath in us. When our peace is disturbed helps us to not turn to ourselves to handle it but Lord that we would quickly turn our face to you and your truth. Wash over those who need your peace even more today Father. Whisper in their ear that you are handling it, you have gone before them and you are coming after them there is rest for them they do not have to be strong you have been made strong in their weakness. Thank you Lord for your word that produces character help us to walk in it daily. In Jesus Holy and precious name


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