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The book of Haggai

Recently started a study in the book of Haggai from a favorite company called Daily Grace.

Found myself needing a tool to get me back into reading my bible. A study from Daily Grace Company was the right fit.

I don't think I have ever read Haggai just as a quick summary of the book. Haggai is a Minor Prophet and that is just about all we know about Haggai. Before the exile God had promised a small remnant would return and Haggai would be a prophet. It is at the end of the Old Testament and small group of people have returned to Jerusalem after the exile. Haggai's call to the people was a message to turn their focus back to the Lord. Haggai's message also presented something different instead of a lack of justice to the oppressed he spoke to the lack of justice toward God. They chose to seek material wealth and success, they let their circumstances rule over every part of their lives. They were doing their own thing and living in their own strength. Going through the motions without realizing their sin had placed a wedge between them and God.

God had told the people to re build the temple and instead of doing it right then they said "yes, but we will do it later." They would do what they were asked but when they felt it was the right time to do so. God was telling them! It's so wild how we choose when and God says "now, now is the time" He knows best!

This is so big for today as we build our own "kingdoms" we set the Lord aside and say "we'll get to that later on." Delaying our obedience or in turn actively disobeying what the Lord has asked us to do.

How often do we do this? Asked to simply read His word, and come to Him in prayer or even making disciples. How often do we say yes but put everything else above Him. A simple act of obedience and taking the steps to put Him first is reading and praying. Coming to Him first before anything else.

Consider your ways and come to Him.

He is a God that comes near.

Check this study out at

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