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Dear Faith, Hope, & Love Client,
Please complete this form
to request an appointment.



Please see important information below before you start application




Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • A valid photo ID

  • Completed intake paperwork (if you did not complete the Family Assessment Form Online)

  • (If employed,) Verification of employment with the 'two' most recent check stubs

  • (If disabled,) Verification of disability paperwork

  • (If applied for disability,) Verification of disability application/paperwork

  • (Housing,) A current rental agreement that MUST have the landlord's phone number and mailing address. If it does not, we cannot assist you until this information has been received.

  • (Utilities,) The most recent bill/disconnect notice. It MUST be in your name, and the address on photo ID must match that listed on the bill.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Please call 575-941-2022, or e-mail us at with any questions. 


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