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Active Pursuit

So let it be the same way with you!

Since you are now joined with him, you must continually view yourselves as dead and unresponsive to sin’s appeal while living daily for God’s pleasure in union with Jesus, the Anointed One.

- Romans 6:11

After salvation we are now linked to Jesus and are asked to regularly; without interruption view ourselves dead to and no longer functioning in sin. We are detached from the interest of sin as we live daily in union with Jesus.

How do we daily pursue a Christlike lifestyle? The daily choices start in our minds how we think on our own is far from the Lord if we aren't renewing our minds.

"The renewing of the mind begins with our new identity obtained at the cross. We were once slaves of sin but are now slaves of righteousness. Our thought life must support that reality. . . The mind has power to affect our behavior either positively or negatively. But it does not possess the power to change our nature." (Supernatural ways of royalty by Kris Vollotton & Bill Johnson)

When we entertain one single thought that does not line up with what God says we have chosen our own thinking which then can cause us to sin. We have been offered something so much better and choosing to walk righteously with the Lord is not easy but far greater.

Ultimately.. renewing our mind and allowing our thoughts to support our new reality that we have been made new and we are no longer slaves to sin we allow ourselves to take on our new identity. Being clothed in it we begin to act according to who we believe we are. Seeing ourselves the way the Lord does and really knowing who we are we are acting out of our "self understood" identity.

Dig a little deeper, think about the lies you have believed about yourself or maybe how you have been acting. Do your actions reflect the word and how God views you? Once you become aware of it, do something about it. Run to the Father, and to His word allow it permeate every part of you. Begin to declare the word over your life. You are no longer a slave to sin so don't go back there and when you do find yourself there make moves to get out fast. The very moment you realize who you are and who you belong to the enemy is ready to attack you. He wants nothing more than to remove you from your identity.

That is where your freedom is found, that is where you operate and begin to set others free. You begin to move the veil from eyes and others begin to see who they are. More and more are added to the Kingdom. People are set free from depression, anxiety, fear, timidity and they begin to see their worth. That is the place He wants us to be in.. freedom. The darkness no longer has a hold of you the light floods in and washes all away. You by the blood of Jesus have power to change atmospheres, break generational curses, and set people free from their own thinking.

As a child of God you are an absolute force to be reckoned with! Build yourself up in your faith, believe and know your Identity. "He died so we could be restored to our original purpose. . we were created to share God's glory and bring Him glory." (Supernatural ways of royalty)

My prayer for you

Father, forgive us for entertaining and believing lies about ourselves. Help us to lean into you Holy Spirit when we recognize that we are walking in opposition to your word. We want to be kingdom minded people no longer fixed on the flesh and what it desires. Father we want to walk according to your will and purpose for our lives. Your ways are better, it produces abundant living. Lord we choose you.

In Jesus Holy and precious name


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