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When Jesus heard about John, He left there privately in a boat and went to a secluded place...

-Matthew 14:13 (AMP)

But Jesus often slipped away from them and went into the wilderness to pray.

-Luke 5:16

The next morning, Jesus got up long before daylight, left the house while it was dark, and made his way to a secluded place to give himself to prayer.

-Mark 1:35

After road trips or being around a lot of people for a longer period of time I personally need to find time to be alone away from everyone and everything. This time to myself helps me to rest, refocus, and regain some energy for the next thing. Sometime there are bigger moments good or bad in life that drain us. We have to take time to process, rest and be alone after those moments. That is well illustrated for us by Jesus in the gospels.

As we read in Matthew just before Jesus left to have time alone he heard that John the Baptist had just been beheaded. Mourning a friend, or leaving from a place where He had performed miracles. These moments were very full and probably overwhelming. Jesus found time to be alone with the Father. He would go to a secluded place.. completely alone to recenter Himself.

Jesus set the tone for us, when we are overwhelmed by life we have to make time to be alone. It doesn't have to be deep in the wilderness completely hidden away. Making even an hour of rest away from all that is going on to be hidden in the Father. Intentionally taking that time to focus on the Lord in prayer. We are given new perspective when we take that alone time. Jesus' days were just as busy as ours. It was so important to Him to step away to gather himself before continuing on.

It only takes a moment to be overwhelmed, but it also takes a moment to rest and recenter ourselves on the One who calls us to sit and be still.

As I read and studied these verses this morning this song by United Pursuit came to mind. It's a sweet worship song that has helped usher me into a time of rest when I feel overwhelmed.

Find time today to pause, pray and refocus with the Father.

My Prayer for You

Thank you Lord for the example of rest. From the very beginning when we were creating and you took time to rest, to sit back and look at what you created.

Thank you Father for Jesus' example to do as you do to make time to rest after fully busy days. Now we get to be hidden in you Father to take time to look at you to reflect on who you are and who we are. Lord give us a new perspective, pour out refreshment and renewal. May we look to you in the sweet moments of life and the hard ones too. Thank you Father in Jesus Holy and Precious Name


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